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What I Can Do


Drawing is what I am passionated about. Watercolors, pencils and markers are my best friends. My graphics tablet and the computer are always ready to help me. The expressivity of paper, the neatness of digital.

Pattern Design

Eat, sleep, draw, repeat, repeat, repeat! I design my own motives and I love to repeat them all around. Paper, textiles, digital, the surface doesn't matter! Let the patterns flow everywhere you go!

Graphic Design 'n' more

Combine colors, shapes and typographies. Idea and then shape. When I don't find the typography I'm searching, then let's try with some lettering. If it's Arial or Helvetica matters, if it's #E5F019 or #F5C219 too.


A Little Bit About Me

Júlia. 23. Illustrator and Pattern Designer.

Between Catalonia and Staffordshire.

Born in Figueres (Girona, Spain) January, 3rd 1995. Nowadays I work as a freelance illustrator and pattern designer, and I do my personal projects as well.

During my studies in EU ERAM (UdG) in Audiovisual and Multimedia degree, I discovered my devotion for graphic arts, so I decided to specialize me in this field.

In this way I’ve done different illustration and creativity workshops, one of those in BAU School (Barcelona).

I’ve also formed myself in Surface Pattern Design at Staffordshire University (UK), that made me improve my skills on it.


You need some help with your projects, you are interested in my work or you just want to make an original present. Nevermind, contact me!

Mobile: +34 603 04 89 88


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